Congratulations Ryan Barrett

2022 Food & Farming Champion

Farm & Food Care is very proud to announce 2022 Food & Farming Champion is Ryan Barrett of Kensington, Prince Edward Island.

Ryan has demonstrated this through his role with the PEI Potato Board where he is the Research and Agronomy Specialist. Ryan successfully communicates how new research, technology and sustainability methods are ensuring a future for agriculture. Ryan’s audiences include a large following on Twitter where he shares informational data. Ryan also educates and informs consumers about other prominent agricultural industries on Prince Edward Island including dairy and beef farming. 

Ryan is passionate about sustainability projects including the “Living Labs” project where scientists work directly with farmers and strive to improve soil health, research new crop varieties and crop rotations.  Ryan is also founder of the PEI Farm Tour.  This is a project of Farm & Food Care which includes free public farm tours and informational signage identifying which crops are growing in PEI fields.  This project helps consumers understand food and farming on Prince Edward Island.

Ryan’s passion for food and farming on Prince Edward Island is very evident among Islanders and is very deserving of this award.  Congratulations!

The Food & Farming Champion award is presented to an individual, organization or business who has taken the initiative to engage with consumers in a conversation about food and farming in PEI. These champion(s) are passionate about food and agriculture and proud of the agricultural industry – they use their skills to share their stories and provide consumers with accurate information about agriculture and food production.