PEI Agriculture

Learn all about PEI Agriculture! It’s the farmer’s job to produce safe and nutritious food for the public and livestock. These farmers take immense pride in doing just that!
PEI has a total land area of 1.4 million acres. Farms represent about 42.5% of the total land area which is 594,324 acres. The 2016 Census of Agriculture counted 1,353 census farms primarily engaged in growing crops and raising livestock. These farms range in size from a couple of acres to 3,000 acres with an average size of 425 acres.

Check out some popular agricultural topics below! If you have any questions, about PEI agriculture don’t hesitate to contact us; or island farmers are fantastic at answering questions; or check out PEI’s Department of Agriculture and Land website for more information!

Other Resources

There are various other resources available that will connect you with media outlets, educational items, and program links. These links will provide useful information for all things related to farming and food!