The GARDEN-IN-A-BOX was a huge success!!! We sold out in less than 2 HOURS!

If you didn’t get a GARDEN-IN-A-BOX check out our resources below and check out the hashtag #PEIGARDENBOX to see the updates.

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How to start a Vegetable Garden?



The main objectives of this project are:



  • Learn how to grow your own food.
  • Learn about soil health.
  • Learn about sustainable agriculture practices.
  • Do something fun and rewarding.

Why are we promoting a GARDEN-IN-THE-BOX project?

Over the past number of years, consumers are becoming more interested in where their food comes from.  From planting stages to harvest to selling food on the grocery shelves-consumers want to know every step.

The farm food garden box will give participants first hand experience on how to grow your own food and what is required to grow it successfully.  Responsible management for the right about of water and sun and soil conditions will all play a part.

Although, 75% of Islanders believe the food system is headed in the right directions (CCFI Data 2021).  Farm & Food Care would like to continue building momentum and build more trust with Islanders.

The Canadian Centre for Food Integrity data also found that Islanders are concerned about keeping healthy food affordable.  The farm food garden box will allow Islanders to grow healthy food for themselves ensuring affordability and generate interest for growing more.

GARDEN-IN-A-BOX is a fun and engaging way for Islanders to learn about food production and gratification for growing your own food whilst learning the challenges that are involved.