Monaghan Farms

⭐See below on why Monaghan Farms joined…👇

Why did you join Farm & Food Care?

✔We decided to join Farm & Food Care after seeing the positive social media presence online, we feel it is an awesome initiative to find unique and fun ways connect with the public about what farming on PEI is really like and where our food comes from!

Tell me a bit about your organization/ business and your connection or passion for food and farming in PEI?

✔Monaghan Farms is a multi-generation potato farm that grows chip stock and seed potatoes destined for both domestic and international markets. The Curley family has a long history of farming on PEI dating back to when our ancestors arrived on the Island from Monaghan County, Ireland during the potato famine in the 1800’s. The Curley’s settled in Norboro, where the farm still resides and farm the same land!

If you could tell consumers one thing about food and farming in PEI, what would it be?

✔Food produced in PEI is some of the most safest and sustainably sourced you can find! PEI Farmers understand the critical importance of soil health and sustainable agriculture in the ever changing environment we work in.

What would you like our audience to know about your organization/ business?

✔We solely focus on quality potatoes that we rotate with soil building crops and cover crops. This year our goal is to have 100% of our land cover cropped for winter!

Tell me one fun/ interesting fact about your business/ organization?

✔We have been supplying South East Asia with chip stock and seed potatoes for almost 20 years! If you ever find yourself in Thailand eating a bag of chips, there is a high probability they are PEI potatoes!

For more information about visit Monaghan Farms website.

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