Members Monday

Monday, March 15th, 2022

One of Farm & Food Care’s newest members!

Kensington & Area Chamber of Commerce

✔ Why did you join Farm & Food Care? ✨Agriculture is such a large Industry on PEI that employs a lot of people,. The Kensington & Area Chamber is proud to have some members that are in the Agriculture Industry and we feel that this parntership could benefit them as well.

✔ Tell us a bit about your organization and your connection or passion for food and farming in PEI? ✨The Kensington & Area Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization that has been supporting the local business community in the area since 1961. The Chamber is a group of business people and corporations established with the objective to promote and improve commerce, and the economic, civil, and social welfare of Kensington and the surrounding communities. The Chamber works hard to promote the interest of the business community to Government and the community at large.

✔ If you could tell consumers one thing about food and farming in PEI, what would it be? ✨We feel it is important for people to see the importance in buying local products when possible and promoting the great products that we have. #lovelocalpei

✔ What would you like our audience to know about your organization/ business? ✨Our goal is to promote the businesses in the Kensington & Area and we feel that there is a large variety of businesses and individuals who are resilient and offer so many great products. The business community has grown so much and are very supportive of one another knowing that if one business is successful, they are bringing more people to the area so it is a great community effort.

✔ Tell us one fact about your organization? ✨The Kensington & Area Chamber of Commerce celebrated 60 years as a Board of Trade and 30 years as a Chamber in 2021! The Chamber has seen a lot of changes and growth over the years!

If you are looking for more information about our memberships. Check us out! There are lots of different options suiting your business and or organization. If you have direct questions email Santina,