Celebrating Island Grown Food

Get the Facts on the Food You Eat and Meet Your PEI Farmers

At Farm & Food Care PEI we believe in bringing Islanders together to learn about food and celebrate our local farmers.

We answer your most pressing questions about how food is grown on the Island, so you know you’re making the best choices when it comes to feeding yourself and your family. We also celebrate the PEI farmers that make it possible to eat local and share their sustainable farming practices.

Andrew Smith

Breakfast on the Farm  Returns

July 27, 2024 – Kool Breeze Farms, Summerside PEI

Breakfast On The Farm is a unique opportunity for farmers, visitors and Islanders to share a meal and have a conversation about food and farming. Guests attending this event will be treated to a locally sourced breakfast and will have the opportunity to tour a modern PEI family farm, ask questions of real farmers and have some fun!

Take PEI produce to the kitchen 

During harvest seasons on PEI, farm stands are filled with delicious Island produce. Problem is, your customers never seem to have a enough change for all those delicious strawberries and new potatoes. Farm Stand is a digital payment solution that helps your customers bring home more fruits and vegetables.

Farm stand

Digging Into Farming Practices on PEI

Our Island farmers are wholeheartedly committed to being good stewards of the land and water. 

They care deeply about the well-being of their animals and are dedicated to the highest standards of quality. They want to produce the most delicious food and they want to leave a legacy for the next generation of Islanders. 

Want to dig into farming practices followed by our PEI farmers? We’re here to help guide the way and introduce you to some of our Island’s best farming and food champions.

Get the facts on food

There’s a lot choices when it comes to buying food. You want to make the best food choices for your family and yourself,

We’re here to help answer your most pressing questions about food.

Ready to trust the choices you make at the grocery store, farmers’ market, and wherever else you buy food? We thought so!

Meet Your Food + Farming  Champions

Nominations for the 2023 Food & Farming Champion Award are now open.



Ryan Barrett

Ryan is passionate about sustainability projects including the “Living Labs” project where scientists work directly with farmers and strive to improve soil health, research new crop varieties and crop rotations. Ryan is also founder of the PEI Farm Tour.





Both, Carleigh and Jillian have demonstrated they are true champions of agriculture on PEI. As co-founders of “Ag in the Field” established in 2018, their mission is communicating to the general public about food and farming practices on PEI.





Rayanne and Deanna have demonstrated they are true champions of agriculture on PEI in many ways. As co-founders of Grassroots Dairy United, they bring dairy producers together to promote the dairy industry and educate consumers about the dairy industry and agriculture.


Our farmers are committed to   Sustainability

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