It is estimated that 105 acres of cabbage were planted in 2020, with 1344 metric tonnes being produced. Approximately 12,000 heads of cabbage are harvested per acre for a total of 1,250,000 heads of cabbage harvested in total!

A diverse range of greenhouse and field vegetables are produced in PEI. These include: carrots, tomatoes, cabbage, cucumber, lettuce, peppers and other fine herbs.  Vegetables are an important cash crop for many Island farmers. They are available as fresh and processed farm products for consumers in Atlantic Canada. A core group of diversified growers produce a significant percentage of the fresh market vegetable acreage.

Cabbage is a popular cultivar of the species Brassica oleracea of the family Brassicaceae (or Cruciferae) and is a leafy green vegetable.

Cabbage consumption in Atlantic Canada is traditionally high and is often grown by farmers producing other vegetables. The only part of the cabbage plant that is normally eaten is the leafy head. Cabbage is used in a variety of dishes for its naturally spicy flavour. It is the principal ingredient in coleslaw and sauerkraut. PEI Cabbage is an excellent source of vitamin C.

  • Planted: end of June 
  • Harvested: in the fall 
  • Used for: mostly human consumption, leaves used in medicine