PEI has 169 Wheat producers that harvest approximately 62,200 metric tonnes from approximately 46,800 acres.

Wheat (Triticum spp.) is the largest grain crop grown in Canada and PEI has the largest wheat production in Atlantic Canada. Wheat is a cereal grain that is one of the most important staple food for humans. 40% of the wheat planted in PEI is winter wheat which is planted as a cover crop in late August/September and harvested the following August.  In this way, it helps to protect the soil over the winter and gets off to a quick start growing in the spring.  Wheat is primarily used to make flour for bread, pasta, pastries, and more, but can also be used as a livestock feed grain. When harvested

For more information on Wheat, check out these island industry associations; Atlantic Grains Council and PEI Grain Elevator Corporation